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The mission of the Women's Counseling Center is to provide gender specific services to women. Why gender specific? Women's depression and/or anxiety differ in the way they manifest, unlike in children or men, for example women tend to turn on themselves and get very critical and angry with themselves. Men often turn their anger (depression/anxiety) externally. Children usually have more somatic responses like "my tummy hurts."

Addiction occurs in decidedly different forms for women than men, i.e. generally men have greater instances of sex/porn/gaming-guild addictions. Women are generally much more prone toward alcohol and/or gambling.


Typical reasons to pursue therapy:

  • Difficulty letting go of the past

  • Internal self-loathing dialogue

  • Shopping for new boundaries

  • Language shifts to improve: Asking for your needs to be met. Using timing, tact, and delivery.
  • Speaking your truth softly, gently, and kindly; the better to be heard.

  • Conflict resolution/fair fighting

  • Teaching people how to treat you
  • Making peace with food; your weight; your body. Also, exposure to the slow food movement and a slower life

  • Reclaiming a positive world view where you can change and ask for change from others

  • If you drink more than you'd like, or if you gamble more than you'd like

  • If you're facing end-of-life work or someone you love is

  • You have a desire to "sustain the gaze" versus turning away from and hiding from that which is painful.


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Women's Counseling Center
Diane Adams, LCSW, MAC
Become an authority on yourself

Women typically have self-care low on their priority list, where caring for loved ones comes first.  Women also tend to turn on themselves in a loathing self-critical way. Self-rescue isn't a developed skill for a lot of women. Becoming an authority on yourself is a skill set. The norm is to abdicate authority to sources outside of oneself (i.e. spouse, parents, church, society, siblings, etc.). Learning to not "should" on ourselves: to set boundaries; to ask for our needs to be met; and identifying what our needs are: these are the skills we learn (with a little help) to become our own authority.

Women, unlike most men, seem to be "relationship oriented". This means women are often the keepers of the quality in relationships. Women bring growth and new information from the wide world into the family system for all to benefit. (I realize this is a generalization but it works for me).

My philosophy is that women have 3 centers of wisdom available to them to make informed decisions:

  • Mind/Thoughts
  • Heart/Feelings
  • Intuition/Instinct

Most women who come in for counseling have one center more developed than the other two. Counseling helps a person get unstuck, get suggestions on where to start experimenting and then to watch your outcomes. If you like what you get, do more of that. If not, don't repeat. You develop your own expertise about yourself- who you are today.